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Syllabuzz for Teachers

Syllabuzz is a versatile platform that benefits both teachers and students.
To better assist teachers, here are some tools available on Syllabuzz:

1. Manage multiple classes and subjects with ease.
Teachers can create and manage multiple syllabi for different subjects and classes all at once using the My Syllabuzz page. This feature is especially useful for teachers who teach multiple subjects or classes.

2. Share syllabus and other content with your students.
Syllabuzz provides an easy way for teachers to share syllabus, board updates, sample papers, and other content with their students. Simply tap the share button located at the top of the app (visible only when the app is installed) to share whatever you're viewing on the app. This makes it easier for students to access important information without needing guidance.

If you need help or have feedback, use the Contact option in the app. We're always here to assist you. Thank you for choosing Syllabuzz for all your teaching and learning needs!

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