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Syllabuzz for Teachers

Syllabuzz is a platform for both students & teachers.

Here's a list of tools useful for teachers:

1. Create & manage multiple Classes and Subjects Syllabi at once.
Teachers can create multiple syllabi according to their preferred subjects and classes & view and manage them all at once using the My Syllabuzz page. This can be useful for teachers who teach different classes and/or who teach multiple subjects.

2. Easily share the Syllabus and other content with your students.
Syllabuzz provides you easy access to share Syllabus, updates from the board, sample papers, our App/site and other content with your students so you never have to guide them to navigate - just share a link!

Syllabuzz is always working to provide you with the best possible experience. If you're having any issues/feedback, please do share using the Contact option.

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