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About Syllabuzz

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Hi. I'm Pratyoosh


the one behind Syllabuzz



The Story begins

So, it's 2022, and our Class-10 Term-2 board exams are approaching. Everyone wants to score well. But obviously, one should know the syllabus and deleted topics (as CBSE reduced 30% of the syllabus due to covid).

But the syllabus documents given by CBSE are hard-to-read, and not well-organized. So, most students couldn't find out what the deleted topics were.


Even when searching the internet for syllabus, the sites which come up have no relevant information - they copy the docs given by CBSE, make no changes to make it readable, show too many ads & annoying pop-ups, and make it hard to find organised syllabus by creating different pages for different subjects (to increase ad revenue).


So, how can the students find organised, deleted and to-the-point syllabus content? Some get information from the school but it's still not organised. Teachers tell so-and-so topic is deleted. And, there is no guarantee that each subject teacher tells this.

So, there was a problem. I was interested in technology since my childhood. I had created multiple websites, and a YouTube Channel and had a good experience in web design, affiliate marketing, etc. So, I saw an opportunity. I quickly created a PDF file of the Class-X Term-2 Syllabus (I also did this in Term-1 but just shared it with my friends), set up a website, and put a few sample papers so students could buy them and I could earn little money. I shared the link with my friends and teachers, and within a few days, it was circulated in all the sections of my class in my school. I thought to upload a video on YouTube to increase discoverability. So, I created a YouTube Short containing the Syllabus and a link to my site (to download) in my description. I got 2K-3K views in the first few weeks. But, the video got blown up in the mid of board exams with over 45K views! The students were commenting that it helped them a lot. Students of class 12 also wanted similar content, each child with a new set of subjects. I was getting DMs on my Instagram, and even one of my friends sent me my syllabus, saying one friend of his downloaded it from YouTube. It felt lil' like a star!

And that's when the idea of Syllabuzz came to my mind!

I created it not only to help students with the syllabus. But, with other features like Results, Datesheets, Sample Papers, Study Music, and updates from CBSE. Meaning it's a user-friendly platform for students covering most of their needs without much wandering here and there - All available on the web for all devices and an Android app! And this is not the only thing I'm working on. I do endless things like supporting the Vegan movement, creating a cake brand, and more.

So, you came reading till here - which very few people do.

And guess what.... Here's a surprise for you!

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Thanks for reading! Have a great day ahead.

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  • What is Syllabuzz
    Syllabuzz is an easy-to-use and user-friendly app/website useful for finding study materials like Syllabus, Deleted topics, sample papers, board datasheets, entrance exam and board results, study music, a dedicated rewards section and more. Currently, it supports classes 9th to 12th of CBSE Board and JEE/NEET. More classes and boards will be supported soon.
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